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All Warmups from 18:30 Start 19:00 (Garsfontein)

We cater for everyone, from absolute beginner to highly competitive. Our social events are aimed at introducing new players to the sport as well as developing players to a standard where they can compete with the best players internally, as well as representing in external leagues and competitions.

Built on four pillars





We will start 22 January 2024 at new VENUE.

We grow human potential and purpose!

Table Tennis has been an Olympic Sport since 1988, involving singles and doubles.
Did you know?

Social / Beginner

First time to pick up a bat?

Only ever played on camps and holidays?
Love the social environment?
Want to meet new people over a few drinks and laughs?

Then this is the category for you. No annual membership fees, no commitment. Come when you feel like it.

We hold weekly competitions in a structured yet social environment. Ladies and gents, kids and adults combine into one section, with bragging rights for the winner. All players also get ranking points according to their final placing. 

The main focus is always to HAVE FUN first! 

N4 Gateway Tafeltennis Pretoria


Table tennis is a perfect sport for bringing communities together. Irrespective of race, age, gender or nationality, table tennis is one sport that is enjoyed throughout the world.


The GNTTB has a proud and fiercely contested league that has been developed over many decades to cater for all levels of player and…


Gauteng North hosts various tournaments. These tournaments assist players to improve their Gauteng North ranking as well as…


Table tennis is a fantastic foundational sport. Getting players from as young as possible is great for their own development as…


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N4Gateway Tabletennis Club Pretoria

Gauteng North 2024 Calendar

GN League (Mondays)

  • Round 1 W1: 4 March 2024

  • Round 1 W2: 11 March 2024

  • Round 1 W3: 8 April 2024

  • Round 1 W4: 15 April 2024

  • Round 1 W5: 22 April 2024

  • Round 1 W6: 13 May 2024

  • Round 1 W7: 20 May 2024

  • Round 1 W8: 27 May 2024

  • Round 1 W9: 3 June 2024

  • Round 1 W10: 10 June 2024

  • Round 2 W1: 15 July 2024

N4Gateway Tabletennis Club Pretoria

Gauteng North 2024 Calendar

GN Club Series

  • Part 1 @ 24 February 2024

  • Part 2 @ 20 April 2024

  • Part 3 @ 29 June 2024

  • Part 4 @ 27 July 2024

  • Part 5 @ 24 August 2024

  • Part 6 @ 26 October 2024

  • Part 7 @ 9 November 2024

N4Gateway Tabletennis Club Pretoria

Gauteng North 2024 Calendar

Legends Invitational

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n4 gateway tabletennis club pretoria


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